Cooperation expansion with the Russian company “Simeon Pool Products”

Mr. Alexander Gladilin & Mr. Dmitry Safonov from the Russian “Simeon Pool Products” company, which deals with the swimming pool equipment wholesale and distribution, accepted POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS invitation and they will be visiting Greece on September 26 and 27.

In order for them to get to know POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS better, Mr. Alexander Gladilin & Mr. Dmitry Safonov will have the opportunity to visit our factory premises in Peloponnese and have some meetings with our representatives, with the areas of our cooperation in the Russian market being the main topic of the discussions.

The two companies have known each other for the last 3 years. Consequently, the expected cooperation expansion with this particular swimming pool equipment supplier would constitute an additional international recognition for the high quality and aesthetic products that POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS offers. Besides, “Simeon Pool Products” is considered as one of the most consistent and reliable suppliers in Russia.

The main task of “Simeon Pool Products” company is to ensure the availability of stock of a wide spectrum of swimming pool equipment as well as products shipment when asked by customers. POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS reputation for establishing long-term and reliable co-operations and offering high quality services has been well established and expanded worldwide. For this reason, the support that “Simeon Pool Products” provides to our products is rather encouraging and flattering to us.