TradeNow: the new trading platform for individuals and businesses

POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS has recently entered a Greek product and services exchange platform, called tradeNOW. The members of this platform, individuals and businesses, are able to trade products, services and ideas without using money, in a web-interactive way. In order to accommodate differences in the values of the products being offered, a trade point system has been established.

Following a structured and secure process, POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS first makes an offer of its products and then the tradeNOW platform matches products and services according to users needs, expanding their trade network. In other words, through tradeNOW, POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS offers a precise quantity of products to all the users of this platform. The user who is interested in acquiring at least one of POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS products comes into contact with us, suggesting products or services of the same value as the ones we offer.

In this way, our clients also have the opportunity to harness our offers and learn about the current offerings without being obliged to pay in cash.