Monthly Archives: August 2013

TradeNow: the new trading platform for individuals and businesses

POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS has recently entered a Greek product and services exchange platform, called tradeNOW. [...]

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Being committed to our environmental and social responsibilities, in POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS we made a [...]

iPool2013 contest-The finals: 12 Aug – 1 Oct 2013

The first part of the iPool2013 contest was completed on 31 July 2013. The occupation [...]

Overflow made by blue Dionysus marble

POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS first overflow outdoor pool made of indelible oxidized Dionysus marble in blue [...]

Summer Vacation 2013

Due to the summer holidays the entire POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS staff will be out of [...]

Bahrain: POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS surprise Kingdom for 2013

A few weeks after the first road show of POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS Export Manager, Mr. [...]

Ukraine, Simferopol 28-30 August 2013

Mr. Nicholaïs Kostakis will be visiting Simferopol (Ukraine) for scheduled business meetings from 28 to [...]