Unique Marbles on demand

POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS following a decade of research and testing developed and launches into the Greek and International market a new series of indelible oxidized marbles, Unique Marbles, in rare colors and shades of semi-precious stones. The marbles’ oxidation process is performed in the same way as Nature oxidizes the rocks, at particularly high temperature, applying pressure using metal oxides.

Using this method, marbles of absolute clarity in rare colors and shades are created, enriching the color pallet of marbles offered by nature. These marbles are suitable for all indoor uses such as living rooms, hotel lobbies, stairwells and mainly for bathrooms and WCs,  as well as for the lining of swimming pools, or the decoration of the indoor swimming pool perimeter.

The innovative Unique Marbles series is particularly important considering that colors like beige and yellow can be found only in sandstones or limestone, while the red and blue colors can be only found in granites, which are likely to be expensive and rare. Moreover, colors such as light blue, ruby, emerald or amethyst light purple may only be found in semi-precious stones.