Flexible marble drain grate

POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS innovative orientation should be taken for granted. Our major innovation consists of the development and consistent evolution of the Model-T marble grate (modular design), which serves as channel cover. The element which distinguishes this method from the precedent methods of covering free shape overflow pools channels (plastic grates and unitary marble grates) is that Model-T marble grate combines the advantages of both solutions mentioned before, mitigating or even eliminating their drawbacks.

The most easily detected drawbacks for the plastic grates are the short-term resistance, the need for replacement due to damages caused by the ultraviolet sun radiation, the constant fungus concentration, the low quality aesthetic, and, the drawbacks for the unitary grates are the geometry imprinting and fitting, as well as, the necessity for regular lifting for the channel cleaning. Moreover, in case a piece of the unitary marble grate breaks, due to an accident, its replacement is considered difficult, given that, each piece is unique. However, the new Model-T marble grate ads the same luxury result, at half-price, and offers easier access and cleaning of the channel, along with  long lasting durability and long life.