Bulgaria, Sofia 17 July 2013

In the framework of the expansion of our presence in Bulgaria, Mr. Kostakis had important meetings with potential clients in Sofia, Varna and Bourgas. The first stop of his three-day business trip was in Sofia, where the outcome of the meetings held was rather encouraging for POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS given that it was confirmed that high standards swimming pools are constructed throughout the country.

This verification provides significant opportunities for POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS, especially if we take into consideration some factors such as the lack of high standards products offered in the pool industry, despite the existing competitive prices. More precisely, the absence of a specialized manufacturer of marble swimming pool accessories has as an immediate consequence that usual marble shops take up the responsibility of constructing marble pool products of bad quality, resulting in low customer satisfaction.

POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS has been examining the possibility of filling this gap in the Bulgarian market carefully, offering its high quality products and expanding the international reputation that it has already forged. POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS main objective for this three-day trip to Bulgaria was to meet potential Bulgarian clients who would share the same vision, striving for excellence. The outcome of the meetings held indicates that this objective was accomplished!