Greece, Athens 16-19 May, 2013

It is about seven (7) novelties that have in common the marble and its applications in the pool, bathroom etc.

No.1 The standardization and production of a decorative “sandwich” that consists of marble on top and porcelain tile or Plexiglas on the bottom.

No.2 Permanent and in depth marble oxidation, aiming to permanently change the color of the marble from white to some very rare colors, usually upon request.

No.3 Standardization and production of linear marble grills that are used to cover the water collecting shafts around the swimming pools.

No.4 Construction of special equipment made of techno-marble for the collectionof the water around the swimming pool.

No.5 Production of modular marble grill for the replacement of the plastic ones in free shaped shafts.

No.6 Production of marble shaft without the use of cement around the swimming pool.

No.7 Manufacture of metallic guides for the fortification of swimming pools in order to achieve a certain form and dimensions of the pool.