Investing in quality control machinery

Natural decorative stones, even after processing, still remain natural materials. This natural origin, after all,  is what giving them superb aesthetic advantages.

The last 10 years there is no marble quarry that has not progressed with surveys and tests of rocks extracted. But, the problem remains for the natural material, as material qualities vary between the slabs and even may vary within the same slab.

For this reason Poolstones by Sofikitis, decided to invest in laboratory equipment, such, like no other stone processing company does, at least in Greece.

With the machine measuring resistance to bending, changes in freeze – thaw cycles, and, strength to continuous stepping of people, will be able to evaluate not only a sample from each block of marble  for processing, but also samples of material that for some reason look ‘suspicious’ to its experienced personnel.

Apart that the tests procedures in laboratories take a long time, the possibility of unlimited testing within the company facilities ensures the quality of the materials supplied to customers, and, will result in the acquisition  of even more valuable experience of company’s personnel.

Every rock that seems ‘suspicious’ for reduced strength, will be tested in the factory and it will be scientifically proven whether the macroscopic observation and laboratory evidence coincide.
Undoubtedly, this investment in laboratory equipment, and continuous laboratory tests may add some operational cost to the company’s budget, but  it is worth it, since our customers’ projects are more valuable and shall be dealt with professionalism.