2012, The year of Export booming.

Sofikitis Poolstones in 2012 has mainly developed its exporting activity. Experience in the field counts 23 years, starting in 1989 when firstly exported marble tiles to Germany. Later, in 2004, there started the first exports of decorative marble pool products.

The following years between 2004 and 2011 the company exported to 35 countries in total, having an overall exporting activity of 20-25% of annual turnover. Nowadays, having specialized in manufacturing pool products made of natural stones, and, having presented these products during the international 2012 Pool Shows, where were received with enthusiasm, contributed to increase this last year exports to70% of annual turnover.

Our top 4 export destinations include Cyprus, United States of America, Great Britain and Romania.

In 2013 an increase of 50% of our exports is expected, thus, raising our exporting activity to 90% of our annual turnover. Our customers confidence and the projected constructions in Cyprus, Great Britain and USA within the first trimester of 2013, seem to verify this scenario.