Abou Youssef Group, our Egyptian agent.

The Abou Youssef Group specializes in three sectors: engineering and construction, tourism development, and hotel management. The oldest and most established branch is the Abou Youssef Office, founded in 1970 in Cairo, Egypt, which specializes in engineering and construction services. Abou Youssef Office focuses on diesel engines, water facilities, construction materials, and boat manufacturing. From generating sets and marine engines to swimming pool and Jacuzzi installation to waterproofing and boat-building, the Abou Youssef Office is a full-service construction group with 40 years of experience and over 1,500 talented full-time employees.

In the early 1990’s, the Abou Youssef Group expanded into tourism development along the Red Sea and established the Sinai Touristic Investments Company (STICO) constructing various hotel destinations under the Shores Hotels brand, including Shores Amphoras, Shores Aloha and Shores Golden. Recently, the Abou Youssef Group has assumed the management over such leading touristic resorts, including the Shores Hotels line and the Sands lodges of Sands Baharia and Nature Lodge. Tourism development and hotel management have now become the largest wing under the Abou Youssef Group.

Mohamed Abou Youssef is Chairman and founder of the Abou Youssef Group. He began as a skillful engineer designing and constructing villas, banks, factories, and hospitals. With his entrepreneurial spirit and keen vision, he partnered with several international companies specializing in power generation, marine propulsion, swimming pool equipment, and concrete additives. Today the Abou Youssef Group is the sole representative in Egypt for multiple global companies.