Monthly Archives: August 2012

Granite Coping 61x30x3 cm in beige color.

Natural Beige Granite, sandblasted finishing, size 61x30x3cm at the price of 9Euros/Piece, FCA Epidaurus (Incoterms [...]

Qatar, Doha 26-28 September 2012

POOL STONES, by Sofikitis will be present in the coming show in September in Doha. We [...]

Complete Client’s information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sofikitis Pool Stones & Vicky Dallas, our web designer, have agreed to inaugurate in September [...]

Tips for broken stone drain grates.

How to avoid breakages in atone drain grates? There are few tips to avoid cracks [...]

Natural multi colored Quartzite Pool in Costa Rica.

Joan Roca has recently decorated in whole a pool with Natural Quartzite. Quartzite in small [...]

Our latest website improvement.

If this not your first visit to our website, you will probably notice that there [...]

Euro Gulf Swimming Pools LLC is our new agent in UAE.

Mr. Atul Shah, Managing Director of Euro Gulf Swimming Pools LLC, is our new agent [...]

Hy Viet Ltd is the new agent in Vietnam

Sofikitis is proud to announce that Hy Viet Ltd, is the new agent for PoolStones, [...]