Indelible Colored Golden Marble

The advantages of real marble compared to limestone are well known in almost all the construction world. Natural marble that has undergone the geological process of transformation, has particular colors, usually, white, semi-white, grey and rarely pink. Earthen colors such as beige, yellowish and brownish which are more popular used for  decoration of exterior areas, up to now were only found within the range of hard limestone, as, it was very rare to found an ore of Marble of yellowish or brownish color.

Oxidizing  white or semi white marbles with iron, a process well known in Greece since ancient times, is temporary, as  the yellow color of the iron is only a surfacing result, and, through the years this coloring goes away.

Our company, having resulted after long term research, now guarantees and manufactures indelibly colored marble in golden & brownish colors, that neither sun exposure nor the water can affect. Nowadays, famous Greek Marbles, known for their quality features around the world are not only white, but, also golden & brownish.