Measuring overflow capacity of drain grates

The Sofikitis Poolstones Company recently constructed an experimental prototype machine for measuring the ability of the drainage of each marble grate that it manufactures.

This particular machine ?sends a controlled amount of water onto the ?overflowi?ng marble that is tested each time with a ?pote?nti?al water supply up to 2 times the amount that the overflow sends to each coping and it is specific up to 2 cubic meter per hour for a meter of coping.

The 2 different containers and meters of the machine measure as much water successfully flowing under the grate as that which possible escapes to the outside.

Slope regulators at 3 points of the overflow can change to various angles of inclination of the overflow in order to consider and recommend to the client the minimum safe drainage angle of the grate.

So not only the standard grates of the company can be tested, but also any new plan on customer demand can be produced for the 1st time.