The Dry-Treat Solution even for Sandstones.

Daniel Gill’s sandstone carving of a manta ray named Swoop has been acquired by the Gold Coast. City council at the 2010 Swell Sculpture Festival. The two-metre sandstone sculpture is displayed permanently at Coolangatta Beach on the Gold Coast, QLD. Dry-Treat was chosen for protection and enhancement treatment.

• Provides long lasting protection and warranty
• Protection against damage caused by water and weather• Minimal maintenance
• Enrichment of natural color
• The beach would be visited by many people that would interact with the sculpture, often staining

the surface with food or dirty hands
• The colour of the Helidon sandstone needed to stand out.

Dry-Treat’s world leading, invisible impregnator, STAIN-PROOF™ and ENHANCE-PLUS™ was chosen.

The chemistry of STAIN-PROOF™ is unique. Specially engineered molecules which are hundreds of times smaller than competitor sealers penetrate much deeper into the pores of the material, where they then bond permanently without affecting the look or breathability of the material. This uniquely deep water and oil repellent barrier not only protect against staining but also structural damage caused by water ingress, freeze-thaw spalling, and salt efflorescense.

STAIN-PROOF™ also retards moss and mildew growth, and makes the surface quicker and easier to clean.

With STAIN-PROOF™ resealing every couple of years is not required. The project is backed by a standard, ‘no fine print’ STAIN-PROOF™ 15-year performance warranty, when applied by an Accredited Applicator.

ENHANCE-PLUS™ provides deep enrichment of natural colour; hides scratches, efflorescence and imperfections; repels stains and soiling for easier cleaning; is able to make surfaces more resistant to acid etching.

Daniel was presented with the following for Swoop:

• Gold Coast City Council Acquisition
• Currumbin RSL Kids’ Choice Award
• Jennie Neumann Emerging Artist Award

Daniel was presented with the following award for Majestic (a smaller sculpture exhibited)

• Swell Smalls Gallery People’s Choice Award