Roman Makarov is our New Agent for Russia

Roman heard about Sofikitis products from some associates in Russia last summer. He came in contact with the company via the Internet and a few days later he placed his first order. Listening to all those bad news regarding financial situation in Greece, he decided to travel to the factory to be safe that his order will be delivered.

Last October 2011, he visited our factory in Peloponnese and he himself inspected his order. It was his first trip in Greece and combining work with pleasure he spent a few days in Nafplio.

The delivery of Poolstone products in Russia after one month, made him and his client very happy, so he came back to the company asking to be an agent of Poolstone products in the territory of Russia.

The agreement was signed by both sides over last months and from this month we feel proud to say that Mr.Makarov Roman, ( &, can support anyone who is interesting in our products, speaking Russian and Italian language.