Patent – January 2012 óå New Patent for Slim Stones

For the patent which we will obtain in January 2012, we will construct a mixed material consisting of a thin marble layer 3-4 mm thick, that is sticked in a porcelain tile, artificial marble or INOX (stainless metal) taking advantage of both materials are summarized:

  1. in the increased strength of the resulting mixed material (IGME tests showed that the composite marble drain grate 1cm thick has  more durability than 3cm solid marble)
  2. in the price of the finished product that becomes much more accessible since it consumed up to 65% less marble
  3. in environmental sensitivity that from 1m³ extracted marble, until now we could ideally receive  40m² floor layer, while with the proposed method, we can reach the 150m²  per 1m³.
  4. in marbles colour homogeneity that is 300-400% better than there is until now, since less raw material is used to overlay a specific area.
  5. in the lower weight of the product that does not burden like the classic marble the bearing frame of the building
  6. in the appearance of no-stain from the bottom to the top that specifically,is showed up in white marble, and additional
  7. in the quickness and flexibility in placement, compared with traditional marbles that require scrubbing in the building industry, with all that this implies for the cost and the time.